Choose National Claims Service To Adjust Your Insurance Claim 


  • Has the "combined adjuster experience" of more than 50+ years to assist and support you with your loss.


  • Is an Adjusting Firm which works exclusively for policy holders having encountered losses to their homes or business properties.


  • Coordinates highly experienced disaster recovery consultants, known as Licensed Public Adjusters and Appraisers, who represent policy holders throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio.


  • Maintains a team of Licensed Public Adjusters, and appraisers, who, for more than 20 years, have consistently obtained claim settlements which exceed their client’s expectations.  


  • Specializes in advocating for homeowners and business owners facing routine, as well as catastrophic losses, in an expedited manner.


  • Has both the experience and expertise to help our insured’s evaluate their loss fully and accurately so that a presentation of every aspect of the claim can be persuasively made to the insurance company thereby maximizing your settlement.


  • Enjoys credibility with the insurance industry which will enhance your claim presentation.






National Claims Service represents your best interests, not the insurance company's profits.  We process your claim quickly, efficiently, but most importantly accurately.  A professional Public Adjuster is employed by YOU and represents only YOUR best interests, working exclusively under your direction for your loss. As your expert licensed Public Adjuster, we will review your insurance policy and examine your loss and damages.

Let National Claims Service help you get through this difficult time.  Life is stressful enough.  Please click the link above to see our services. 


You alone must deal with an insurance company representative in a situation where you are not an expert.  Would you go unprotected to a major IRS audit or legal situation without an attorey present?  No.  You would retain the services of an expert to guide you through this difficult process.


National Claims Service is a team of professional adjusters and appraisers representing policy holders EXCLUSIVELY who have consistently obtained maximum client settements for over twenty years. 


Your insurance company has placed your claim in the hands of a an employee of the insurance company that represents the interests of their employer, the insurance company, and their stockholders only!



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