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In this time of tragedy and loss,you need to have someone to look out for you and your families best interest. Let us put our expertise to work for you because you deserve the best possible settlement for you and your family!  We fully understand that suffering a fire or water loss to your home can be an extremely traumatic and emotional event.  Once you hire NATIONAL CLAIMS SERVICE we will immediately do two important things.  First, we arrange for professionals to secure your home or building to prevent further damage.  Second, we simultaneously arrange for the care and safety of your family by coordinating with the insurance company to obtain temporary housing.  This often starts with a hotel and then more long term housing for the time it takes to properly repair your home. This also includes providing immediate funds to purchase clothing and food.


After the smoke clears, or the water drains, the process of adjusting your claim begins with arranging the necessary meetings with the NATIONAL CLAIMS SERVICE staff to obtain the preliminary information needed to commence the estimating process. We will also be at your side when you discharge your obligation (under the insurance policy) to confer with fire department investigators and insurance company adjusters and perhaps its  Special Investigation Unit investigators (SIU).  If your claim involves a suspicious fire the insurance company will bring in its cause and origin investigators.


In any event you can be expected to encounter repair contractors who will pester you to hire them to rebuild your home while they keep all of your insurance proceeds. Electronics companies, drycleaners, furniture restoration companies, are all on “the list of people” contacting you to offer services.  NATIONAL CLAIMS SERVICE will assist you in navigating through this maze.  The choice of hiring any contractor or vendor is solely yours but we will guide you through the confusing process and assist you to help you accomplish your goal.


In the aftermath of a fire loss to your home you may become overwhelmed with this process.  You have many choices.  You must be mindful that hiring such companies to do 100% of this restoration is paid for out of your insurance proceeds and will reduce the money that you receive from your insurance coverage.  


NATIONAL CLAIMS SERVICE has a team of professional adjusters, appraisers and loss consultants who will assist you in dealing with all of these choices and help you accomplish your goal. It may be appropriate to have only some of your “contents” items restored - or it may be that you choose to have none of them restored.  We assist you in the process of dealing with the restoration vendors so you receive the maximum dollar for you and your family to be made whole again while following the loss mitigation process.


As your advocate, NATIONAL CLAIMS SERVICE’s goal is to support you though the entire claims process and eliminate your stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed by an insurance company (which may be more interested in collecting policy premiums than in making fair claims settlements).  


Our team will guide you in obtaining the maximum insurance recovery. We specialize in assisting you in processing all aspects of your claim and giving you the tools to make the proper choice.    


Public adjusters are sometimes referred to as private adjusters or Licensed Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters are licensed by the state to exclusively represent policy holders. Public adjusters represent homeowners, business owners, landlords and property managers.


A public adjuster prepares the complicated building, contents and loss of use claim required by insurances companies. We prove the value of the loss and negotiate the maximum settlement on your behalf.  A Public Adjuster immediately inspects the loss site, analyzes the damages, assembles claim support data, reviews the insured's coverage, determines current replacement costs and exclusively serves you the policy holder.  We do NOT work for the insurance company.


The public adjuster is an advocate for the insured, unlike the independent adjuster or the insurance company adjuster who represents only insurance companies.



NATIONAL CLAIMS SERVICE has the “combined adjuster experience” of more than 50+ years to assist and support you with your loss.  Our Services include:


  • Assisting in the providing your family a fully furnished temporary residence and additional living expenses (ALE).


  • Analyzing your insurance policy to determine your coverage(s) and how they relate to your loss.


  • Preparing your claim to recover the highest dollar amount for you.


  • Providing a complete and detailed building loss valuation and all necessary “back up” documentation to support your claim(s).


  • Accurately inventorying and determining the value of your total loss contents and salvageable personal property.


  • Presenting in a timely manner to your insurance company a complete, accurate and detailed proof of loss.


  • Keeping you informed and up to date with the status of your claim, as well as monitoring events so that all necessary appointments and inspections regarding your claim are completed by the various individuals and firms you may encounter.


  • Negotiating for the maximum claim settlement on your behalf in a timely manner. Any public adjuster can compile the cost to repair or replace using the same computer software the insurance company adjusters use.  It is the art of negotiating which allows the realization of the largest amount of your settlement.


  • Demanding an appraisal if the only remaining issue in settling your claim is the amount of the agreed upon loss – not the scope of the claim.


  • Acting as your appraiser, if an appraisal becomes necessary because the parties do not agree on the amount of the claim, in the appraisal process (in which both the insured and the insurance company select their appraiser, who in turn agree on an Umpire – or have a court appoint an umpire – and the amount of the claim will be that agreed upon by any two of the three) and knowing how to select the Umpire and how to present your claim and rebut the insurance company’s position.


  • Assisting you and the attorney of your choice in the event the insurance company denies your claim or demands that you compile documents (which may include that which relates to your financial status) and give a statement under oath, known as an Examination Under Oath.


  • Guide you in the process of recovering the “holdback”, being that which you can collect on a replacement cost policy – after you have applied the actual cash value (ACV) to repair or replace the dwelling and/or the contents.

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